The Journey of Self-Discovery and Change

"For years I have been battling the challenge of losing weight. Feelings of despondency and inadequacy often embraced me. I would imagine myself wearing different clothes or radiating immense self confidence but these thoughts and emotions were short lived.! After meeting with a cardiologist and my family doctor I knew it was time to ! take hold of my health. So many health practitioners and nutritionists had given me advice how to lose weight but no one had developed an understanding of who I was, what my strengths were and how I could achieve success, until I met Mike Lende.

Mike’s caring demeanour and expert knowledge of health and exercise is just a few of his exceptional qualities. He embraces you with so much passion and dedication. He had helped me challenge myself at my weakest moments. Mike has helped me develop a true commitment to “eating clean” and exercise when I am engulfed in stress. I am learning to rediscover myself and the change I experience on a daily basis is physically and spiritually uplifting. Mike has helped me develop the mantra “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”. Thank you Mike for changing my life and learning to love myself in so many ways."

Leanda Miller, School Teacher

"I've stuggled with stress-eating and weight gain most of my life. Having Mike Lende as my health coach has been one of the smartest things I've ever done. His individualized approach has enabled me to lose weight, to exercise regularly and to manage the causes of my stress in a sustainable way. Mike's commitment and passion are second to none. For the first time ever, I feel like I'm going to really be in control for the rest of my life. And with Coach Mike's guidance, it is proving to be a life filled with energy, great health and much laughter!"

Dr Jack Bengall, Dentist

"It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Mike Lende of Men’s Health Coach as a true savior for anyone serious about weight loss, nutrition and total health. In less than five weeks, through his knowledge, experience and motivation, I have shed 13 lbs, dropped two waist sizes and with four workouts per week, am developing abs of steel!! I’m eating healthier, sleeping better and compliments on my new appearance are frequent"

Mark Zeidenberg, CEO

"Having worked in a medically-related field all my life, it was important to me to find a Health Coach who was knowledgeable and credible with respect to what was recommended. It was also important to me to find someone who understood and adapted to where I am in my life right now – I’m not 18 anymore! Mike fits the ! bill perfectly. His extensive background in athletics plus his specialized Health Coach training gives me confidence that what he recommends is based on evidence and research. He understands my needs and limitations and adapts accordingly, while still pushing me to work hard. His almost-daily texts perk me up, motivate me and let me know that my needs are important to him. Even though I’m only a few weeks into the program, I can already say that I would highly recommend Mike for anyone at any life stage."

Robin Flamer, Marketing Executive

"I started seeing Mike after I got a health scare back in February. After my physical, the doctor called me and let me know that I had high cholesterol. This was definitely the scare that I needed to shape up and change my life. I contacted Mike and he answered all my questions that I had over the phone and met me that weekend to discuss everything further. The following Wednesday we met up one on one for the first time and I really believe the rest is history. Over the course of the next 13 weeks I drastically saw my body, energy and overall life change for the better. I lost 42 pounds! After just four weeks of being with Mike I got retested by the doctor and every single one of my levels were in the normal range. I feel better, look better and have more confidence than I ever have before thanks to Mike. I cannot recommend him more. Best decision of my life."

Lucas Jacobs, RMT

"Connecting with Mike Lende was a stroke of luck for me. I feel better. I’m more active and I’ve lost weight. The difference with Mike is that his one on one coaching keeps me motivated. He is always available and there for me, day or night. Mike Lende changed my life."

Sam Fruitman, School Teacher

"What a difference 8 weeks has made! After struggling for years to maintain a healthy weight, Mike Lende was able to transform my body and reduce the daily aches and pains I was feeling from my previous career as a professional athlete. I’m enjoying my workout sessions again and feeling great! My only regret is that we didn’t start earlier. Thanks Michael!"

Adam Bennett– Financial Advisor
NHL Alumni, Chicago Blackhawks & Edmonton Oilers


Day 60 of the 12 month transformational program 

"Finding the motivation and time yourself was the biggest challenge. Like most of us in our forties, a lack of time, limited energy and not prioritizing our own health and wellness begins to takes its toll and all of our physical problems can become chronic. As a former professional athlete, I am still very active but years of wear and tear and carrying extra weight made my activities anything but enjoyable. The days after workouts or sports always brought pain and stiffness. Michael's passion and energy have helped me re-focus my priorities, putting my health at the forefront of my mindset and as a result I have lost over 20 lbs in the past 10 weeks. Losing the weight has taken the strain off my joints and my energy and endurance are back to where they were 10-15 years ago. Finding the motivation and time for yourself is the biggest challenge and having someone there to push you and drive you to stop neglecting yourself is paramount and this is where Michael' strengths lie. He brings back accountability and visible progress. His workout regiment is efficient but intense and his nutritional advice and guidance are simply rational. Michael, whom I've known for many years, has never ceased to energize and motivate people around him and I thank him for what we have accomplished so far and look forward to our continued progress and success. "

Rob Cimetta, Cimetta Properties & Construction Managers and NHL Alumni, Toronto Maple Leafs & Boston Bruins