My Transformation - Coach's Story

Hi folks! So here’s the real deal on me, and remember, it takes one to know one. In this case, I’m a middle aged man who’s had the same bad habits as most of the male population. I was a professional hockey coach turned entrepreneur/businessman and was static at my desk for years , working late hours and eating poorly. I was a 45 year old who was 40 pounds overweight, had sleep apnea, pains in my knees and back and low energy. This really took away from quality time with my wife and kids and hindered my full potential as an effective businessman. My stress level was not being managed and the combination of bad eating and lack of exercise was killing me. I had no strategy for my own wellbeing. I was my own worst enemy. I never stopped professionally training hockey players and knew, without question, the right path to take but didn’t. I put work and family ahead of myself which, in turn, caused my professional and personal relationships to suffer because I wasn’t giving my work or family the best version of myself. My physical, mental and emotional states were suffering terribly. I was so stressed that I couldn’t focus properly. I tried numerous diet programs which “guaranteed” I’d lose weight. It didn’t work. I was so frustrated. I had physically, mentally and emotionally hit my lowest point.

Then I realized it wasn’t about going on a diet. It was about making a life transformation! I wanted to feel energy. I wanted to be mentally sharper. I wanted to be stronger and full of enthusiasm again. I wanted to be inspired. I needed to be the best husband and dad I could be. After all my years of being in a leadership position in business and as a hockey coach, I knew this had to come from within. There was no delegating, procrastinating or kidding myself about what had to be done. I had the knowledge and experience of helping others for years but most importantly I now had the desire. I found the motivation from within. I really wanted to become the best I can be!

I compiled my years of learning about nutrition, strength & conditioning, proper sleep and stress management from the best in pro sports. I merged these assets with my years of personal experiences in the corporate world and came up with a program which can be customized to any man, regardless of their life experiences, athletic abilities or self-destructive habits. I then pursued my Health Coach Certification at the Health Coach Institute in the United States.  While learning how to be a personal health coach, I was also learning how to take care of myself. In 6 months, I transformed myself at the same time as I was going through the most stressful part of my business life. With a healthy eating plan, graduated exercise program and change of sleep habits, I transformed into a high energy, clearer thinking, healthier man. I was now eating smart, exercising regularly and sleeping soundly . I had adopted a stress management strategy which I was now able to execute because of this transformation. I lost 40 pounds, lost all my joint aches and pains and was able to do twice as much in half the time! Now I love doing what I do every day. My new sleep study showed a 72% improvement in quality of sleep and I’m in better shape than I was in my twenties. I’m a better husband, dad, son, brother & friend to all BECAUSE I PUT MYSELF FIRST! Instead of watching TV with my kids, I’m out playing with them and participating in activities, adventures and growing with them.

The most important person in my life is me! Without the best me, I am way less to others and denying myself the full potential of enjoying life. I love helping others with my vision of what they can become. They start off believing in me and my transformational program and then it happens, they end up believing in themselves!  More confidence, more energy, better focus, well rested and much happier. My clients are executives, lawyers, doctors, former athletes and teachers. They come from all walks of life and from many different cultures. They are people who are becoming better husbands, wives, partners, dads, moms, brothers, sisters & friends to those who mean the most to them. They are better employees and bosses and their careers have more drive and passion. They are people who now understand what if feels like to have this kind of personal gratification and it transcends into all they do. Thank you for taking the time to read about my story. I’d love to hear about yours. Feel free to give me a ring. I’m available at 416 884 5911. You may also email me at All my best in good health! Sincerely, Coach Mike