How do I get in shape? Daily Exercise Program

Combining a fitness plan with clean eating every day is the ideal combination for successful results, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. You see, when you exercise, you boost the serotonin in your body which affects your mood, digestion, memory and social behavior including sexual desire. Becoming stronger is also preventative medicine for back and joint issues later on in life. Weight loss clinics, diets, short term plans and programs are all temporary and always fail. This is why Canada’s Health Coach focuses on a long term nutrition plan, creating great eating habits which are sustainable solutions which empower people who struggle with eating disorders, self-confidence and depression. Having a personal fitness trainer, reading self-help books and signing up for weight loss programs doesn’t help you lose weight permanently. They are band aid solutions with no long term benefit. A private health coach is someone to whom you are accountable. Someone you have a personal connection with who cares about your wellbeing. Someone who will not let you fail when things get rough. Whether you are obese, slightly overweight, feeling sad, feeling low self-esteem or just want to boost your energy, I am able to create a long term program, just for you, which will empower you to be the best you can be!