Let the transformation begin!

I work with my clients weekly on a private, one on one basis. Our first meeting will be two hours in length, then once per week, for an hour each time. I will also be checking in with you via email and texts throughout your week. Once we start working together, I'm your coach. That means your wellbeing is my priority. I will teach you how to make it yours too.

One on one coaching

I establish open lines of communication with my private clients, so that they are able to express their concerns, frustrations and areas of improvement that are needed. We get down to the why beneath the why, the real reason you wish to make changes . We will then put together a holistic program for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, an essential first step towards building a stronger man. This process takes place with compassion, dignity and in absolute confidentiality.

Finding your balance in the first 3 months

This requires a minimum 13 week commitment . It is specifically designed to achieve quick results (weight loss / increased energy / acceleration of fitness level) . This will capture your interest early on in the process. We will realign all of your priorities and establish long and short term goals. We will then set you up with easy time management strategies, which allow proper focus and growth in all aspects of your daily life.

Each week we discuss your food plan and make adjustments to your customized personal exercise program. You'll be accountable to show up with your past week's work completed. You weigh in, we discuss progress, your nutrition, sleep and stress management. Then I put you through your weekly revised workout focusing on core body strength and cardiovascular endurance.

You will learn the basics, why to eat certain foods and when to eat them. I will teach you how to shop for groceries, how to eat at restaurants and how to monitor your own consumption. You will be accountable for hitting certain predetermined goals which will have been established at your previous meetings and in your overall plan. Results vary depending on the individual, but usually you can expect positive changes to commence within the first two weeks. You will start to feel more energetic, with weight loss, better nutrition and a properly tailored exercise program.

We will establish what your chemical stress is and balance your blood sugar right away by taking certain foods out of your diet and fueling your body with healthier options. This is to stop the sugar rollercoaster most are experiencing. You will learn a whole new approach to food and activity which will change your entire being! The way you think, feel, act and react, will all be taking a sharp turn for the better. After three months in the transformation process, you will be hooked!

A Whole New Day!

You'll love being fresh in the mornings, energized at the end of your day and resting well in the evenings.

Graduating into months four through six, you'll be working on advanced strength & conditioning, setting new short and long term goals, and implementing strategy for lifelong, sustainable eating and peaceful sleeping habits.

Months four to six you will find yourself with significantly more energy and a much stronger core allowing you to perform advanced level exercise, experiencing SAQ (speed, agility & quickness), plyometrics, anaerobic and aerobic training. Once the "goal weight" is attained, you will learn how to maintain your ideal healthy weight while engaging in new and innovative fitness sessions, designed to satisfy your imagination and keep your interest. You will experience improved mental sharpness, more confidence and a new found energized self. Your passion for daily endeavors will be fuelled by feeding your body what it wants and needs - a daily dose of the right foods, exercise and rest.

Always In The Driver's Seat

The second half of your first transitional year, you will now find yourself becoming an expert on what to do and how to do it. Unfortunately, this is where many men fall off the wagon. Because they are feeling and looking great, they steer off the path. That is when we put in place the final pieces to the puzzle. You continue to grow and evolve by challenging yourself with fun and innovative fitness. You expand your food selection with more sophisticated options which provide wider variety, while staying on track. Costs for services are based on whether you book 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. For more information on your program and fees please contact me, Mike Lende, at 416 884 5911.